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Should Insurance Agents Invest In Insurance Agency Press Releases?

Should small and medium size insurance agencies invest in press announcements? Larger agencies are already investing in this important marketing activity - which is an accurate depiction. That is the inference here. Perform the large brokers know something smaller agencies tend not to? Press releases, which today are often referred to as news releases, provide agencies with many insurance agency marketing benefits. The two main varieties of distribution services, fee based releases and free releases. Small agencies with modest budgets plus some additional time can consider many of the free distribution services. Some of these include: - Brian Lock Insurance



Newswire Today

Free Press Release





You can find dozens of free distribution services, some of which also offer premium fee based release services. brokers and Agents which may allocate plan for more comprehensive distribution should consider fee based or subscription providers. Some the higher known fee based services are:


PR Newswire



Why would insurance agents use press releases to augment their insurance agency marketing initiatives?

Expand market presence - deliver a refined message to a broad target audience.

Reach new markets - alert new target markets, especially verticals, of products and services.

Create name recognition - helps target prospects "know" your agency when contacting them or quoting.

Define expertise - alerts prospects of deep industry knowledge (group and compliance benefits, trucking insurance, risk retention groups, restaurant insurance, etc.).

Improve insurance agency search engine optimisation - though search engine listings argue towards the contrary, seo specialists have proven that press releases positively influence insurance agency SEO (SERPs).

Attract media attention - Properly executed, insurance agency press announcements can be given to tens of thousands of news subscribers and tens of thousands journalists and bloggers.

Increase web site traffic - press announcements engages readers and directs these to see your website.

Boost social media traffic - most press release services allow readers to share the release via social media.

What should agents use in their releases? Here are some of the common components which should be a part of every release:

Headline - ensure it is short, relevant and pithy.

Summary - a fast description in the release, with greater granularity than the headline, enough to whet the appetite of any perspective reader.

Dateline - usually includes the production date and originating city of issuer.

Introduction - first paragraph inside a press release, that generally gives basic techniques to the questions of who, why, what, where and when. - Brian Lock Insurance

Body - the material of the release including background, quotations, details and metrics etc.

About - most incorporate a brief "about" section, providing details about the business issuing the discharge, website link along with other information important to the issuer.

Media contact information - name, contact number, email address, mailing address, or any other contact details for the release contact person.

Most services offer guidelines, release examples and FAQs to assist brokers and agents with press release basics. Finding worthy topics is probably easier than agents may think. New insurance agency webinars or webinar programs, new lines of economic, new employees, new offices, new carrier relationships, innovative products and repair announcements, new website resources, upcoming speaking engagements or trade event exhibitions, and content/video libraries are topics which can be helped by a release. Agencies can either staff this work internally, or outsource the initiative to a proficient insurance agency marketing and PR organization.

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